Get inspired by Jamee. As a trainer I keep classes fresh, and my clients motivated.n

The longer the class, the more effort it takes. I see myself as a life coach, improving your health in life. “we all have time to work out” I’ve heard all the excuses just get that body moving.

Walking is a great way to exercise, as you are not only getting your heart pumping, but conditioning your lower body as well. I advise those who have done a fitness program before to consult a professional. A program needs to be put together to teach proper form so people don’t get injured. You can’t jump into anything without being informed or you’ll make poor choices and possibly get hurt. Whether your over weight or just trying to tone up what you have, I’m dedicated to you to help you transform that body to how you want it.



Iron Man Naturally

January 28, 2012

Completed in Figure and got 2nd Place!








LA_Competiton_2Not only does Jamee train people for competitions but she can give you the nutritional guidance you need to look you absolute best.

Jamee has more than 10 Years experience training all ages.